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With sanctioning, the PIAA will maintain the list of official girls wrestling teams in the state of Pennsylvania. If you have formed a team at your school, be sure to utilize the PIAA portal to mark that your school sponsors girls wrestling. This is required to be considered an official girls team and must be done before the first day of practice (or October 15 to count in the calculation of qualifiers). If girls will be rostered on the boys team and opt into the girls post-season, the PIAA portal should NOT be marked as sponsoring girls wrestling. 

List of Official Teams - Pre-PIAA Jurisdiction

Before the PIAA took jurisdiction of girls wrestling, SanctionPA maintained the official list of girls wrestling teams. If you are looking for that original list, it is below. Please note this is from before PIAA jurisdiction and does not reflect current teams. To see a current list of girls teams, please click the link above entitled PIAA List of Official HS and JH Girls Wrestling Teams. 

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