Overall, the rules for boys and girls high school wrestling in PA are the same. There is not a separate Rules Book for girls.

With NFHS’ updated uniform, hair, and weigh-in rules, the only additional criteria for girls is regarding the definition of a legal uniform.


The uniform rule states that ALL wrestlers (girls or boys) wearing a one-piece singlet shall wear a suitable undergarment which completely covers the buttocks and groin area. We recommend that all wrestlers wear compression shorts underneath their singlets/shorts when competing.


Female wrestlers must also wear an undergarment that completely covers their breasts and minimizes the risk of exposure. A sports bra can satisfy this requirement if she is wearing a girls cut singlet and it can minimize exposure without also wearing a compression shirt. If wearing a boys cut singlet we recommend that girls wear a tight fitting compression shirt. Ultimately, the risk of exposure must be minimized to honor the rule as well as the comfort of our female athletes and so how that is best achieved (sports bra only, additional compression shirt) will depend on the fit of a singlet and each individual girl. 

NFHS Wrestling Rules Undergarments
NFHS Wrestling Rules Undergarments

Singlet Vendors

If you are looking for a place to get girls cut (also known as high cut) singlets, the following is a list of some companies that sell them. Note that this list is not exhaustive and most major singlet companies now carry girls cut singlets.

Custom and non-customized:





Worldwide Sport Supply


Customized only:



JB3 Sports


Non-customized only:

Wrestling Mart


The NFHS rules for 2020-2021 removed the hair length requirement and a hair covering is now not mandatory. Because there is no longer a hair length rule, girls may wear their hair down and are not required to wear a hair cover. With that said, although girls can wear their hair down, most girls will likely prefer to secure their hair with a rubber band so it does not come out during practice or competition. It also still stands true that girls (or boys) cannot wear anything hard or abrasive in their hair, including beads, bobby pins, clips, pins, barrettes, etc. If a hair cover is used, it must be of a solid material, non-abrasive, and must be attached to the headgear.


The weigh-in rules now require that a legal uniform (see above for what constitutes a uniform) be worn during weigh-ins and that no additional weight allowance be granted. Also, shoes and headgears are prohibited at weigh-ins. This is the same rule as the boys. The new weigh-in rules have allowed girls and boys to weigh-in at the same time - a separate weigh-in area or time is not required.   

For additional guidance as well as visuals illustrating these rules, please see our 2021-2022 PA Girls Rules Interpretation